Revolt TV Twitter - #FactsOnly

Long time no blog... Just checking out the new revolt background... I think it went all black after the Revolt BET Coverage...

I was talking to a friend about how his company should film a red carpet... I told him to get two ipads and use them for popular artist so you can quickly get the clips on line.... he was happy he listened! His youtube and selfhosted video views blew up. DSLR's look nice... but what is DOF (depth of field) to the news / gossip world? Nothing... Its all about speed.

I'll have the work flow setup posted on my production website

The mic flag / mic cube / mic triangle that Revolt is using is visually interesting... I was going to do something like that for my demo video but did not want to see OLT|REV showing on camera so I just used a lapel mic... but everyone knows the brand now!

Like they say "The growth of @RevoltTV is crazy!"

Make sure you check out to see how you can help me get a job at Revolt.