Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence?

Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence?
- Biggie Smalls
This morning I found the New York Post talking about Revolt:
Just four months after Comcast announced the NBA great would be one of four owners of new minority-focused stations guaranteed distribution in 8 million homes, Johnson’s Aspire channel is up and running.
It has a staff, headquarters and programming.
It’s a different story at Revolt, another of the four Comcast-created channels, which is owned by P.Diddy, sources said. Revolt, with just six months before its scheduled debut in early 2013, is still trying to pin down a business model and a precise programming direction.
I also have been waiting for a new video from Diddy... but then I remembered Bad Boys move in silence I am sure Revolt will be just fine... and Not only because I want to become Revolt VJ Taiwan Brown!

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