New Revolt TV 2013 logo!

So the Revolt TV leaks have all dried up... A few weeks I got corrected on some stuff I posted and I guess an alert went out to stop posting...

I went back to the "The Official Revolt TV LinkedIn Page!" and seen a NEW REVOLT TV LOGO! Maybe this is apart of the brand launch we will see next month?!!?! I have also seen this photo on the Revolt TV holiday / year end group staff photo floating around instagram. I did like the 80's MTV-like edginess of the old logo:

The new logo... white letters on red does stand out:
But I seen it before... oh yea:

I also wake up to it on infomercials when I fall asleep:

WOW! 60 episodes for 30 bucks... thats less than a dollar an episode! Pass me a phone!

Does the logo matter? Not really... The content does...

I do like how fuse tv, my old job, has moved the logo to the center of the screen... it was on the left of the screen next to someones name the logo is missing but my name is here:

Then it was back on the right... like most TV Networks:

And now its dead center.... so original:

Here is a picture of Trey Songz eating the fuse tv logo:

Sidebar... I also notice that Andy Schuon has joined the new network... maybe he had the old logo taken off as well?

Word is that Revolt TV's social media sites will be popping up next month... I hope to get an account on all of them. Join me.

Make sure you check out to see how you can help me get a job at Revolt.