Revolt VJ - Project over!

UP-Update (5/20/2013): Summer is here... I'll start working on the site!
(5 minutes later): ... wait just watched the new Revolt.TV promo... Diddy said he is not looking for VJs! I watched the video AFTER submitting my stuff... Read more here:



UPDATE: No, I still did not get the job, ha!

I am so thankful for the continued support, I did not give up... just going to focus on a sure thing :)

Also some people are asking me for contacts and stuff... I don't personally know anyone at the company... that's why I am here in NJ and not Revolt... but you can find staff and job postings on twitter here: (not to be a smart***, but you should know how to use google... it got me pretty far and even in trouble with Revolt, LOL)

and I posted the casting info here:

Another update, dude from the video below hit me back: 
saw the comment you made on your site about my reel....I submitted my reel and yes it was long...and unconventional... but thats what REVOLT wanted. I auditioned for the VJ position a week ago in LA along with 8 other people, if this is something you want go for it. God Bless.
Guess I was doing it wrong? :) Congrats to him and the others that hit me up saying they went to the studio!


** I was going to wait for my birthday but here it is... **

Wow... Thank you!

A couple people have been asking me why I have not been pushing the site as much... I owe everyone an explanation:

I started just to be a creative resume...
I tweeted it and made a facebook page just for the SEO / back links. I never expected retweets, favorites, or likes. I even told my friends and others that would ask me "are you in a contest" & "you need votes" to not worry.... but people around the net really liked the site shared it!

I knew Diddy would not see it but maybe someone that knew him would! ... they seen it.
I was reached by SEO experts offering free tips, blogs and a magazine on social media for an interview, photographers (who offered services but were really far), and other host /actors.

I even almost met up with some scammer in New York claiming to be working with BadBad and Revolt...  thankfully the one cool person at the network let me know that he was unknown... sad thing is... I seen he was so-called casting for teens 16 and up... and I seen young females tweeting him. I hope they did not meet up with him...

My birthday is today, March 15... and I have decided to focus all my energy on school and building back up my multimedia brand, Omit Television!

I was reached out to by Revolt staff, was told I would be contacted... and never contacted. I even had a really helpful guy that contacted his friend working at Revolt, on my behalf without me asking.... Nice to know Hollywood has kind people!

I have been doing this since Diddy mentioned starting a music channel on MTV News... and I noticed some females, who I have spoken with, have gotten twitter follows and callbacks off of one tweet, lol. I never even got a twitter follow from the Revolt staff. Except one kind member.

So, I removed most of the RevoltVJ branding from my personal pages. I'll relaunch it if they ever have a local casting call on the east coast, maybe.

I enjoy being a presenter... and I don't need a network behind me... I am thinking about getting back into starting a YouTube show... for the fun of it! Also my current job is making a jump into new media and I hope to squeeze myself in.

Thanks to everyone that helped me!
the ride doesn't end here... :) let's gooo!

PS: you could pass your support to another guy that wants to be a host:

Im Kenneth KNice, and I want to be your next Revolt TV Host! Currently living in Hollywood California, but originally from Durham, NC... Music Enthusiast, fashion killer, club MC and promoter. From NC to Hollywood! Watch me in my quest to become your next big host! Thanks in advance for your support & love! Tell a friend to tell a friend who KNOWS a friend your next Revolt TV host is right here! Follow me on Twitter/Instagram: knice2bexact !


Someone tell him to get this video under 5 minutes!